R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Ever scrolled through a website or flipped through a magazine and seen those picture-perfect images that just don’t feel real? You know, those glossy, staged photos that look more like scenes from a fantasy world than anything resembling real life. Yeah, those are what we call stock photography, and let me tell you, they’re about as authentic as a spray-on tan.

R2 media stock photography Hereford

Alright, hear me out, stock photography can be useful in certain situations. Looking for a standard picture of a friendly customer service rep for your website’s “Contact Us” page? Stock photo to the rescue! But when it comes to really capturing authentic human experiences, let’s just say stock photos usually don’t quite hit the mark.

Okay, so what’s the deal with stock photos feeling so fake? Let’s dig into it.

So, let’s chat about diversity, or rather, the lack of it. Ever noticed how most stock photos always have the same models? There’s the smiling businessman in a suit, the happy family in a field, and the obligatory group of office workers around a conference table, all with perfectly pressed shirts and plastered-on grins. It’s like the United Colors of Benetton had a party in here!

R2 media product photography Hereford

Seriously, where’s the diversity at? Where are the actual people with actual bodies, actual skin tones, and actual emotions? The world is way more colorful and diverse than what stock photography shows us.

Let’s not even start on how ridiculous some stock photo situations are. Like, who actually smiles pretending to type on an unplugged keyboard? And those awkward pics of people laughing alone with salad? Who even does that?

But you know what’s the worst thing about stock photography?

It’s just not real. I mean, I understand that setting up a professional photoshoot can be a hassle and costly, and sometimes you just want a simple fix. But when every picture seems like it’s from a boring office pamphlet or a cheesy TV show, it’s tough to take anything seriously.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Authenticity is like, super crucial – it’s like the real deal in the online world. With all the fancy ads and perfect social media posts out there, being authentic is what makes brands stand out. And for real, using stock photos on a website or billboard? That’s just screaming “fake”!

Okay, so what’s the fix?

How about we just forget about using stock photos and go for real, genuine images instead? I’m talking about photos that capture real people in real moments the good, the bad, and the beautifully messy.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

No doubt, it might take a bit more work to hunt down or make real images, but believe me, it’s worth it. ‘Cause in the end, being real isn’t just a marketing tactic – it’s a way to really connect with folks on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Got an itch to grab a stock photo of a happy model with a blank sign? Hold up and think: Is this the vibe I’m going for? Or am I just blending in with the fake stuff all over the internet?


Stock photography is like a bad sitcom with the same actors playing different roles in every episode. It’s like, seriously, who behaves like that in real life? And don’t even get me started on the unrealistic scenarios! Let’s face it, in a world of staged perfection, finding genuine images that capture the messy beauty of everyday life is like finding a unicorn in a sea of horses. Embrace the real, the genuine, and the wonderfully imperfect!

This is also the reason why Keri from Rebel Rock got in touch with us and organized the branding shoot – because she no longer wanted to use those generic images and wanted real pictures with SOUL! Want something similar? GET IN TOUCH WITH US!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

It really is up to you, buddy. Just go for authenticity. Your audience will truly appreciate it!

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