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Food photos for Dewsall Court

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We are the go-to food photography team for Herefords, specializing in capturing stunning images for your food and drink business. So if you’re looking for some professional food photos, take a moment to browse through our portfolio and start a conversation with us!

One of our recent projects involved capturing the food tasting open day at Dewsall Court, a venue known for its commitment to using local ingredients and creating vibrant, seasonal menus. We were excited to take on this task and showcase the delicious offerings at Dewsall Court.

R2 media food photos Hereford

Our goal was to provide professional photos that truly captured the deliciousness of their food, highlighting the vibrant colors and tempting textures. With our images, Dewsall Court can now impress prospective clients with their irresistible cuisine every day!

Food Photography clients – Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court takes pride in their skilled in-house chefs, ensuring that their wedding packages include delectable food. They are dedicated to providing couples with a complete and exceptional experience when choosing them as their wedding venue. The highlight of this experience is the food, which offers a dining experience akin to a luxurious restaurant meal, going beyond the typical wedding breakfast. Their chefs devote significant time to meticulously prepare visually stunning meals.

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Dewsall Court has strong connections with local suppliers such as Nothing But The Grape for organic wine, Neals Yard Creamery for cheese, their own Dewsall Gin from Herefordshires Wild Knapp Distillery, and tea from Trumpers.

They prioritize fresh produce, growing their own herbs and edible petals, and even harvesting wild garlic from the lakeside. For weddings, their in-house chefs prepare a variety of delicious dishes, including a fancy supper, a late-night feast, and a brunch to send guests off feeling fully satisfied. At Dewsall, they have every aspect of the dining experience covered.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Capturing the artistry of their cuisine through professional photography is an exciting opportunity. Additionally, having access to the actual menu photos makes it easy to showcase the images instead of describing specific ingredients and appearances.

The process

Discovery call

Let’s start by having a fantastic conversation about the type of coverage you desire. Are you considering photos, photos + film, reels, tiktoks, or another option? We are eager to learn about your business and your specific needs, and we will tailor the perfect solution just for you!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


Our planning session is an absolute blast! It’s an exciting part of the process where we unleash our creativity. If you’re preparing for a food photoshoot, we will explore a world of vibrant colors, striking contrasts, tantalizing textures, and stunning backdrops. Our photography expertise will be utilized to ensure that we create exceptional and unique visual content for your business that will truly make you stand out. Additionally, we will plan the ideal date, time, and duration for the shoot.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


Prepare for a remarkable experience! Brinsop devised a brilliant strategy: they prepared the food, we photographed it, and then the entire team, including the sales staff, enjoyed it and recorded their feedback. This interactive event served various functions. As a result, the staff will now be able to articulate the appearance and flavor of the dishes when couples inquire, enhancing their support even further!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


We will enhance your photos to make sure they look absolutely stunning. After the process is complete, you can expect to receive your wonderful online gallery showcasing all your amazing new images!


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Next steps

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