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Fashion Photography for Rebel Rock Bridal Wear

Fashion Photography Hereford

Being a fashion photographer in Hereford is a rare and exhilarating experience, and we are thrilled to be able to participate in fashion shoots because they are absolutely fantastic! This time, we were invited to capture bridal dresses and join a creative fashion shoot for the fabulous Rebel Rock Bridal Wear, and it was an absolute blast!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

We had an amazing time capturing breathtaking dresses all day long, and it was great to work with the talented stylists, makeup artists, hair dressers, and models who were part of the shoot! The opportunity to capture the essence of these stunning bridal dresses was an absolute privilege, and we reveled in the collaborative energy of the entire team. From the skilled stylists to the talented makeup artists and hairdressers, every participant brought a unique flair that elevated the shoot to new heights. This shoot has truly left us buzzing with excitement!

R2 media fashion photography Hereford

Fashion photography – client profile

Rebel Rock is the ultimate destination for fashion-forward rebels and stylish brides in Hereford! Their collection of modern and stunning bridal dresses is designed for the girls who know their style and dare to be different. But there was one thing missing – images that truly capture the uniqueness of their dresses. That’s when the incredible idea for the shoot was born!

R2 media product photography Hereford

Client transformation – what Rebel Rock said

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

When planning my shoot I wanted to have some images that were styled by myself rather than the designers that send through their images.

As a branded shoot I wanted to incorporate elements of creativity and making sure that I had the photographer that shared this vision was a huge priority. My zoom meeting with Marta was perfect and she understood what I wanted and how I wanted the images to look.

Since receiving the images I have been able to use them on social media, printed look books and on my website. I’m over the moon with how the day went and how the images are exactly what I had in my head of what I wanted to create.

Marta and Artur are next level with their creativity and so easy to work with.

Keri Oldaker

The process

If you’re selling awesome clothes and need some professional images that will help you sell them, here’s how the process of working with us looks like:

Discovery Call

We’ll have that initial chat to find out what you need, what your vision is and based on that we will suggest the best fashion photography option for you.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


This is one of the most thrilling parts of the process – envisioning the shoot. We’ll brainstorm decor, backdrops, colors, and locations that will truly elevate and showcase your products in the most spectacular way! Get ready for a thrilling journey with us!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


This part will be so much fun – prepare for the day of laughter, playing and experimenting. The fashion shoot for Rebel Rock Bridal Wear was an electrifying and invigorating experience! We reveled in capturing the essence of their modern and stunning bridal dresses, designed for those who dare to be different. Working alongside talented stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, and models made the entire shoot a whirlwind of creativity and excitement. This collaboration truly brought out the unique personality and style of Rebel Rock’s bridal collection. The images we captured exude the rebellious spirit and elegance of their dresses, adding a new dimension to their brand. It was an absolute honor to be part of this transformative process!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


We’re going to work our magic on your pictures, ensuring they’re absolutely stunning. Once we’re done, get ready to receive your fabulous online gallery with all your dazzling new images!


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Next steps

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