R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Branding photography for Madley Foot Clinic

Branding Photography Hereford

We are Hereford-based branding photographers, specializing in capturing the unique essence of your brand through stunning imagery and films so if you’re looking for a branding photographer, you’re in the right place. Our goal is to bring your brand to life with dynamic and captivating visual content that tells your story and resonates with your audience.

R2 media branding photography Hereford

We’re all about brand photography, and we’re here to make sure your visual content stands out and makes a lasting impact. From coming up with cool photo shoots to delivering top-notch images, we’re dedicated to helping you boost your brand’s presence and leave a memorable impression.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Project: MADLEY FOOT CLINIC, now Infinite Podiatry & Physio

Infinite Podiatry and Physio is all about treating a variety of foot conditions. They’re committed to helping their patients live a pain-free, healthy life, and they use cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based care to do it. In 2019, they opened the Madley Foot Clinic in a quiet little village but because so many people wanted their top-notch care, they had to move to a bigger location in Hereford city centre. We had the pleasure of working with them on their branding shoot and creating images that they then used to promote their business.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Client transformation – Madley Foot Clinic experience

My business was starting to grow and I wanted to improve my website and social media posts in order to help it continue doing so as rapidly as possible! Before enlisting Marta’s help, I did try taking the pictures myself, but it really didn’t do our beautiful location justice. I knew I needed someone with better equipment, but more importantly a more knowledgeable eye for what looks good!

When I got the gallery I felt ecstatic! I loved all the pictures and felt they represented our brand perfectly! I couldn’t wait to get them up on our website and show the world!

Having our own images to use on social media made life so much easier, no more trying to find generic images with copyright issues, we had our own! The images absolutely helped to raise our profile and show our customer base what we stood for.

Rachel Green, Clinical Director
R2 media commercial photography Hereford

The process

So, when it comes to your personal brand, it’s all about having those professional images that really capture your story. We’re all about creating visual content that really speaks to your audience and sets you apart from the rest. Whether we’re organizing some cool photo shoots or just getting you ready for a headshot, we’re committed to making sure your brand shines and makes a real impression. Because, let’s face it, those professional images are key to telling your story and showing off your skills.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Discovery call

Let’s start an awesome chat where we can dig into the kind of coverage you’re into! Are you keen on photos, photos + film, reels, tiktoks, or perhaps something totally one-of-a-kind? We’re super excited to get to know your business and what you need, and we’ll customize the perfect solution just for you!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


We’re going to have an amazing planning session! This is the fun part where we get to let our creativity flow. If you’re getting ready for a photoshoot, we’ll dive into a world of vibrant colors, bold contrasts, interesting textures, and beautiful backgrounds. We’ll use our photography expertise to make sure we capture the most exceptional and original visual content for your business, helping you really make an impact. Plus, we’ll figure out the perfect date, time, and length for the shoot.

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


Planning and carrying out creative photo shoots and creating top-notch images was such a blast! From coming up with color schemes and striking contrasts to the fun hour of taking shots, every step of the process was filled with excitement, resulting in images that truly embody Pawels brand identity.


We’ll make sure your photos look absolutely amazing with our editing services. After we’re done, you’ll receive a fantastic online gallery featuring all your stunning new images!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford


Wait, there’s more! We’re not stopping just yet. We’re also going to supercharge your SEO. Brace yourself for a blog post on our site, packed with all the incredible SEO power you can harness from us. It’s an awesome extra boost for your marketing!

R2 media commercial photography Hereford

Next steps

Like what you see? GET IN TOUCH with us if you’re looking for your own headshot or brand photography and let’s get the ball rolling!

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